Campaign Videos: The W.A.Y Campaign Video Series – World Resiliency Day 2023 – Dalgarno Institute

Tokyo Design Studio was honored to be involved in the production of the World Resiliency Day Video Media campaign, a project of profound significance.

The project resonated deeply with us, aligning perfectly with our commitment to use our skills and expertise for causes that truly matter. Working with charities like the Dalgarno Institute is an integral part of our work ethos, as it allows us to contribute towards meaningful, impactful change in society.

A compelling narrative through motion story-telling

The World Resiliency Day campaign was centered around the idea of fostering resilience in children, particularly through the influence of parents and other significant figures in their lives. We believe in the power of media to shape perceptions and inspire action, and this project provided us with the opportunity to leverage that power for a crucial cause.

Our role in the campaign involved crafting a compelling narrative that not only highlighted the dangers of drugs but also underscored the importance of resilience. The aim was to connect with parents and caregivers, empowering them with the knowledge and tools to guide children towards making safe, healthy choices.