Music Video: Hey Mister / Green Beret – Paschal’s Crew

The Art and Craft Behind the 'Hey Mister' Video Clip by Tokyo Design Studio Australia

At Tokyo Design Studio Australia, we pride ourselves on producing high-quality, innovative and emotionally resonant content. One of our proudest achievements is the creation of the music video for ‘Hey Mister’. This project allowed us to showcase our ability to blend cutting-edge video editing techniques with a deeply human story.

The song ‘Hey Mister’ deals with the sombre topic of war.

Its poignant lyrics and haunting melody required a sensitive and thoughtful approach to the video’s visual components. Our team rose to this challenge, using a variety of techniques to create a video that was both visually striking and thematically resonant.

Motion graphics, Hand-drawn illustrations, and Visual effects

One of our primary tools in this endeavour was the use of motion graphics. We used these to create a series of evocative images that underscored the song’s themes of loss, conflict and hope. The graphics were designed to be stark and impactful, with a monochromatic colour scheme that mirrored the song’s sombre tone.

However, while the subject matter was serious, we also wanted to ensure that the video retained a sense of originality and personal flair. To achieve this, we incorporated hand-drawn graphic art into the video. These pieces, created by Thai Trinh, added a unique, personal touch to the video. They served as a reminder of the human stories at the heart of the song, creating a powerful contrast with the more abstract motion graphics.

In terms of music style, ‘Hey Mister’ is a stirring blend of traditional folk influences and modern production techniques. We mirrored this in the video by combining timeless storytelling methods with innovative visual effects. This melding of the old and the new helped to create a video that is both contemporary and timeless.

A great client to work with, FRAGO22 and founder, John Kerkhoff, PMP, CPLC. A very meaningful project that bridges the gap between America's heroes and businesses.