Diệu 'Dino' Nguyễn

Graphic Designer

Meet Dieu Nguyen, the creative powerhouse behind the captivating designs at TDS Australia! 🎨 As a talented graphic designer, Dieu brings a unique blend of quiet diligence and boundless creativity to every project she touches. Her passion for hand drawing adds an organic, authentic touch to her work, setting her designs apart with their raw, artistic energy.

Beyond the design studio, you’ll find Dieu immersed in her world of inspiration. Whether she’s lost in the melodies of her favorite tunes, sketching away in pursuit of her next masterpiece, or simply relishing the solace of her own company, Dieu’s love for music, drawing, and introspection fuels her boundless creativity and fuels her imagination.

Get ready to witness the magic that Dieu weaves with her artistic prowess as she continues to breathe life into the visual tapestry of TDS Australia’s design legacy! 🌟

dieu nguyen tds australia

Greenwich University

Bachelor of Art


Graphic Designer
2024 - Present

Tokyo Design Studio (TDS Australia)

Graphic Designer